Two Years Since My Last Post?

2013-12-26 02:54:47 by Roy00

Well.. i guess it's time huh? Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Years! Good luck out there.


2011-01-01 15:53:48 by Roy00

Happy New Years Newgrounds! hopefully i could come up with some new music this year. i noticed i've been slowing down. Best wishes to all of you.

Here's a thought..

2010-12-14 23:14:06 by Roy00

normally i dont post CRAP but i happened to stumbled upon the link so whatever. hopefully this post will last a long time so here's an update. i tend to have writers block so i guess thats why i havent come up with anything new. but i dont feel anything i wrote so far is too bad. i do like the talent i find around here sometimes though. although i feel some listeners are one sided and dont rate fairly but whatever. yakity yak its time to GO !! :D